Garam Masala – Spice Mixture

Garam Masala
My spice mix for garam masala. I skipped nutmeg.

Talk to me about home made spices and you will have me excited and happy. I love making my own spices at home, just gives such a wonderful aroma, flavor to your meals.

A constant in our home is the garam masala. A beautiful blend of several spices that are dry roasted and then ground together. Add to your meat marinations or to your chicken/meat curry to bring out that flavor.

I usually make up to three weeks worth. I store them in glass jars on the counter away from direct heat sources and it stays well.

Ingredients – 

  • Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom – 2 Tbls
  • Black Cardamom, star anise – 4-5 pieces
  • Cinnamon – I used 2 small pieces, you may use more.
  • Nutmeg – 2-3 pieces (I prefer my mix without nutmeg)

Method –
Dry roast these on a pan till you get the aroma of spices and take off heat right away. Allow to cool and grind them together and store in a glass jar.

Garam Masala 2

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  1. gamergirl says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have been browsing your posts
    for some time and it always brings me back! I’m a long time reader, however I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment before.
    Thank you for the cool post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear. I’m glad to read that you enjoy my posts. It’s a wonderful thing to read. Do join our mailing list.
      More posts are coming 😊


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