Limeade – For Summer Fun

lime limeade Doha Qatar summer homegrown

Just last week a dear friend shared with me a large basket of limes that grew in their garden. How awesome is that! For those of you who have lived in Doha, know how hard it is to find locally grown vegetables/fruits during summer. I was surely excited to receive this bounty.

Lime Qatar Doha limeade
The limes!

As soon as these arrived, my four year old was quick to say that he wanted to make lemonade – except that we made limeade from the limes!

limes homegrown doha qatar limeade summer
Ready to make this fun summer drink

I decided to make small batches and also the easy way. What wanted was to make a concentrate like mixture that I could use to blend with other fruits or just add soda for a refreshing soda limeade.

On a good day, I would directly blend the chop the limes into four (peeled) and blend them with salt, sugar and pepper but since my four-year old was summer bored, we decided to make an activity out of the juicing process. We used the good old lime/lemon juicer and I let him press the juice out. This took forever but kept him happy and occupied!

Lime homegrown Doha Qatar Foodblog limeade
The good old juicing process 


I used about half kilo of the limes, blended the juice with sugar and salt to taste. This made the concentrate which I used as required. (more on that later)


  • ½ Kilo – Limes
  • Rock salt – As required (table salt can also be used)
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Pepper powder – pinch (optional)


  • Juice out the limes using the juicer. (If you wish, you may peel half the limes and keep the skin of the other half and blend)
  • Blend this juice with salt, sugar and pepper powder. This makes our concentrate which should stored in the fridge and used quickly(turns bitter). Mine stayed for a week.

How to use the concentrate – 

  • To make regular Limeade, blend ¼ cup of the concentrate with water (or stir well). Adjust salt/sugar as per taste
  • You can also add ¼ cup of the concentrate with plain soda to make fresh lime soda (my favorite version)
  • You can blend this concentrate with other fruits – oranges, watermelons, cherry, pomegranate to make fruit limeades (YUM!!) You could strain the fruit as required.



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