41 Degrees WS Grill

Located in the gorgeous Shoumoukh Towers is this fresh looking restaurant – 41 Degrees WS Grill. I was invited to try out this place and I was certainly looking forward to it.
There is valet parking outside the restaurant and the Towers themselves have a modern and striking feel to them.

Upon reaching the restaurant, we were welcomed by the hostess and right away seated at a table of our choice. The restaurant has a minimalist decor with an open kitchen on one side with the bar besides it.

We started by ordering our drinks. I was craving a not-healthy calorie laden milkshake and my husband got a blueberry mojito. The milkshake was great and did not leave me guilty of the calories. The mojito was refreshing, husband quite liked it.

doha qatar 41 Degrees chocolate chip milkshake
My chocolate chip milkshake!
doha qatar 41 Degrees Blueberry mojito
The super delicious Blueberry Mojito


For our appetizers, we chose the Crispy Beef Salad and the Firecracker Shrimp.
I absolutely loved the salad. The salad was fresh, crunchy and the flavors with the beef came together very well. This is definitely a salad I would return to enjoy.

doha qatar 41 Degrees beef salad
Crispy Beef Salad

The shrimps were lovely but not spicy enough for my liking. A good portion of shrimps were served.

doha qatar 41 Degrees firecracker shrimps
Firecracker shrimps. I loved the little salad that was served on the side.


For our mains, there was plenty to choose from – pasta, sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, burgers and still more.
It was difficult to choose sensibly and we settled on a pizza and a portion of three sliders.

We went for the pepperoni pizza. We asked for the pepperoni to be made crisp (cooked more). The pizza was delicious, flavors were balanced.

doha qatar 41 Degrees pizza
The Pepperoni Pizza


Since the whole burgers appeared to be quite filling, we chose sliders. You have the option of choosing any 3 from – Buffalo chicken, veg, bacon, duck, Italian meatballs or pulled beef. We chose two Bacon cheeseburgers and one Buffalo Chicken.

The sliders were made with yummy bread, crunchy greens and pretty good fries. The bacon sliders were a disappointing. The meat was very dry, and couldn’t be made in a different way and I like my burger medium rare. The chicken was not bad but I would not want to have it another time.

doha qatar 41 Degrees burgers sliders
Burger sliders

Next it was time for dessert and we chose the house favorite – Triple Chocolate and Pecan Brownie Surprise. Our server highly recommended it.

doha qatar 41 Degrees Triple Chocolate brownie pecan surprise
Triple Chocolate Brownie Surprise

She brought in our dessert and went through the routine of pouring hot chocolate over the chocolate sphere revealing the surprise ice-cream on the inside. The dessert was rich and the brownie was delicious. It looked a little bit of dessert but my husband and I struggled to finish it. It was the perfect ending to our meal.

doha qatar 41 Degrees dessert brownie surprise
Brownie Surprise – So So good!

In all, I would say that this was a pretty good experience and would rate it 3.5/5

The service was excellent throughout our meal. Servers are attentive and quick to serve you.

There are plenty of items to choose from the menu to suit your meal preferences. I would certainly go back to try some pastas and burgers.

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