Afternoon Tea at The Lobby Lounge – Ritz Carlton

I quite like the idea of an afternoon tea in a cozy setting with delicious savory and sweet foods with a cup of delicious coffee. Doha has quite grown on the ‘afternoon tea’ setting and now there are several hotels serving up very good ‘teas’.

I accidentally stumbled upon The Lobby Lounge and decided to give it a go. We were with family and went there without reservation. We received a warm welcome and were informed that they had only three ‘afternoon teas’ and we were four. Throughout the meal, you are given very good service.

Lobby Lounge Ritz Carlton Doha Qatar
One set of the afternoon tea – scones, sandwiches and pastry.

I was initially stunned by the ‘small’ size of the tray but I was amazed how satisfying all items were. Each item, believe me – each item was absolutely delicious. The scones were my favorite item in this set – so, so good. The mini sandwiches were a delight – the roast beef was avhit with my little boy.

Lobby Lounge Ritz Carlton Qatar Doha
Mini Roast Beef Sandwich – Yum!

Delicious hot drinks are served up and I ordered my favorite ‘Mochachino’. And I was satisfied – it was delicious!

Lobby Lounge Doha Qatar Ritz Carlton
My fave – Mochachino

In all, this was a very good experience. My little boy enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberry, pastry and cucumber sandwiches.
This is an ‘afternoon tea’ that I would like to return to. It is priced at QAR 130/person and Entertainer Coupons can be used.

 The Lobby Lounge - The Ritz-Carlton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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