Kakori House

I was very excited to try out this restaurant which was serving up these famous and delectable Kakori kebabs. These kebabs are a speciality of a specific region in India and require great skill to make as they are very soft and tender. The only time I have had (and enjoyed) these were in Mumbai, India. For these kebabs to be served up in Doha was a rather exciting affair for me!

kakori house qatar doha indian restaurant
The ‘Kakori’ Kebabs – These lived up to my expectations. Super delicious and melt-in-the-mouth. Absolutely a MUST try!

The restaurant is located on the first floor of Quality Mall and parking is ample. The restaurant is not very large so on busy times (we went on a Friday) expect to wait about 20 minutes before getting a table. The restaurant is nicely done with the accolades of the chef and his family adorning the walls. It does tell you tales of the success of the restaurant back home.

We were a group of 6 adults and 4 children and were seated after some waiting. You receive a warm welcome at the reception and helped with a menu and delicious ‘papad’ as you wait. (Following this visit, I was invited to try out more items from their menu for a bloggers group. As we move forward, I will share items that I had during my two visits) I left happy and satiated after each visit. I was not disappointed at all!

The appetizers that I tried out were – Papdi Chat, Kakori Kababs, Vegetable ‘galawati’ Kebabs,  Hara Kebab Lucknowi, ‘Makai’ Seekh Kebab, Green Salad, Barra Kebabs (chops), Murgh Goli Mirch Kebab and ‘Aatish-e-aloo’. You just have to see the pics to believe them. The kebabs kept coming and I without any qualms kept on eating and thoroughly enjoying them!

KK 5
Chicken Goli Mirch Kebab – delicious pieces of chicken marinated with roughly ground black pepper. A must try!
KK 4
Barra Kebab or Lamb chops – I quite liked the marination but not quite the meaty texture or finish. Was disappointed
KK 1
Papdi Chat – just yum!
KK 8 Galouti
Veg ‘Galawati” Kebab – Spicy melt in the mouth tiny veg kebabs. Make for an excellent option for veg lovers
KK 8
Mixed Greens
KK 9
Corn Seekh Kabab and Hara Kabab Lucknowi. I loved the corn seekh kebabs and a must try for veg lovers. 
KK 10
Aatish -e – aloo – These were lovely. Quartered potatoes baked with spices, topped with cheese and their skin with a lovely sesame crust. 


I would say that on a good day, I would go over only to have kebabs. Quite the treat!

Now for the mains – curry, dal and of course, biryani.

I had the Dal-e-Qureshi Dum Pukht during my first visit and I was blown away. Beautiful flavors of a humble dish that came together so well. This is one dish, that is not to be missed in this kebab house.

KK 6
The special dal – Dal-e-Qureshi Dum Pukht
KK 7
Biryani was delightful – It is cooked with a cover of dough which is then cut out to reveal the steamed or ‘dum’ biryani
KK 12
Dal-e-Khaas or Dal Makhani which I got to sample.
Kakori house doha qatar restaurant
Dum Murgh Handi Lazeez – Super delicious. Goes really well with breads/nan

During my second visit, I had the Dum Murgh Handi Lazeez. Another delicious item on the menu. I just loved the flavors that came about in this!

On both occasions I had the biryani – a mandatory item at Indian restaurants. The meat was beautifully done, rice was perfectly done and flavors were just delicious. By the time I got to the biryani on my two visits, I was in food coma! There was way too much good food to process.

And yet, I was not done. We are yet to talk about the desserts. Well, there was very little to say except that everything I had for ‘sweets’ was delicious.

KK 15
Badami Kheer or Almond Kheer – Loved this!
KK 14
Gulab jamun – a rich one
KK 13
Rabdi with ‘jalebi’ – All good

Throughout the meal, I noticed that service was very good and servers are alert at all times. They promptly serve meals to guests as items start to arrive to your table.

I would rate this place based on my two experiences a 4/5. I loved nearly all items that I tried and was very pleased with the service. I would keep going back for more kebabs and some curry. And dessert!

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